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EyeCSite is the industry leading software, offering a wide range of functionalities that detects, alert and quantify gas leaks for Opgal’s EyeCGas® 2.0EyeCGas® Mini and EyeCGas® 24/7 Solutions. EyeCSite can detects and quantify all VOC’s (including Methane, Benzene) in a very simplified and user friendly interface. It will rapidly increase the surveyors efficiency and allow them to safely reach areas from a variety of distances.

For 24/7 fixed monitoring it is the only software which enables full customization and 3rd party integration.

Real Time Alerts – Real time indicator using alarms and visual signal alerts.

Safe & Rugged – Available in both certified and non certified for Hazardous Locations.

Portable & Fixed – EyeCSite offers solutions for both portable OGI cameras and fixed OGI solutions. 

Real Time & Off Line Quantification – Quantify the flow rate of the gas leak both in real time or using the camera recordings. 

Intelligent Thermography -Automatically locate the hottest and coldest point in the region of interest. 

Multiple Cameras View – EyeCSite Software can be used to  display multiple cameras in one window display.

Main Features

Alarm Icon


Automatically detect and alert when anomaly occurs in order to quickly review and resolve the problem.

Log Icon


Enables the user to review the history of events that have occurred in the application during an inspection.



Real time streaming into 3rd party video management systems and software.

Plug n Play icon


Easily configurable and seamlessly integrates into the EyeCGas products for simple use in the field.

quantification (1)


Quantify leak rate: mass (e.g. g/hr; lb/hr) volume (e.g. standard cubic feet/min; standard cubic centimeter/min)



Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, and D Hazardous Locations

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