EyeCGas VOC 2.0

EyeCGas 2.0 OGI camera

EyeCGas® VOC 2.0

EyeCGas® 2.0 is the world’s most sensitive handheld OGI camera. It quickly identifies fugitive gas emissions for over 400 hydrocarbon and VOC gasses. Including Methane and CO2. EyeCGas® 2.0 complies with the EPA’s “Quad Oa” (OOOOa) regulations and is used globally across the industry for LDAR compliance. It is certified for ATEX zone 2 and UL class I Div II, hazardous environments. Clearly designed to work in harsh conditions. Based on customer
feedback, EyeCGas® 2.0 has a wide range of unique features making it the best OGI camera in the world. EyeCGas® 2.0 by Opgal helps you detect and repair gas leaks inside the facility limits without the need of a hot permit, allowing video and audio
recording and streaming, while maintain safety.

Better Connectivity-EyeCGas® 2.0 is the most connected OGI camera in the world. With video streaming and downloading via WiFi and Bluetooth integration with 3rd party software and devices.

 Better Safety – EyeCGas® 2.0 was designed specifically for the harsh environments of the Oil and Gas industry; the camera is extremely rugged, robust, and is sealed for severe outdoor industrial conditions Certified to meet IEC standards for temperature, humidity, vibration, dust and water intrusion.

Certified for use in Class I Div 2 hazardous environments.

 Better Sensitivity – With NETD of <12mK , EyeCGas® 2.0  is the most sensitive OGI camera in the market. Can detect 0.35 g/hr of Methane and is fully certified to meet OOOOa requirements.

 Better Usability – EyeCGas® 2.0 offers true smart LDAR
operations offering wireless integration with leading LDAR software and quantification device. Allowing real time component tag synchronization, and easy association between components, images and videos.

Better Versatility– Thermography mode enables accurate temperature measurement, 6 color pallets, and an option for easy export of radiometric data.

Main Features



Most sensitive OGI camera in the market identifies small leak detection, 3rd party certification for EPA OOOOa compliance



Built in Wi-Fi enables live video streaming and video download for better connectivity



Innovative built -in LDAR capabilities allow easy integration with 3rd party LDAR software



Temperature measurements capabilities and color pallets for better versatility

quantification (1)


3rd party integration enabling accurate measurement for most



Authorized for Hazardous location (IECEx certified / intrinsically safeATEX Zone2. ANSI and CSA class 1 and II
Div 2)

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