For over 30 years, Opgal has provided one of the broadest product lines of innovative thermal imaging and near infrared illumination camera solutions. The breadth and depth of this product line establishes Opgal as a leading player in the complex and wide-ranging defense, security, industrial, and aviation markets.

In the Security market, Opgal enables transportation, city and state governments, industrial, and utility customers to detect, recognize, and
identify security threats 24/7 even in complete darkness and difficult visibility conditions.

A market leader in the Defense industry, Opgal is known for working closely with customers to deliver custom made solutions that address specific needs.

For the Industrial industry, Opgal is continuing to lead in the development of the latest OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) technology for the oil and gas industry. Including Chem-Petrochem, Oil & Gas, Power Plant Utilities and others.

Our state of the art technology enables quick, safe and reliable detection of over 400 volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Methane, CO, and CO2.

Always aiming on exceeding  the industry requirements. Opgal developed the first gas leak detection camera (EyeCGas) of its kind which is intrinsically safe and certified for use in sensitive and hazardous locations according to American and European standards (ATEX, CSA, UL, IECEx, ANSI ). Today, Opgal is the only manufacturer  in the the world to offer a full range of OGI solutions under one roof. Ranging from handheld, fixed 24/7, quantification and alert software.

Decades of research and development have been invested in state-of-the art and unmatched image-processing capabilities. Opgal’s technology, based on exploiting minute levels of energy to produce meaningful video data, goes far beyond standard image quality. Opgal’s products facilitate the detailed insight required to make the correct assessment of a situation and take appropriate action.

Key benefits to customers and partners:

  • A wide variety of products and technologies
  • Unparalleled video quality for accurate analytics with minimal false alarms
  • Thermal imaging and near-infrared illumination cameras
  • Custom made solutions for defense customers for fast time to market
  • Over 30 years of field proven technology and experience

Backed by years of success, Opgal is a global company with customers in over 60 countries.

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