EyeCGas Camera
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EyeCGas® is a rugged, OOOOa compliant, hand-held camera that uses thermal imaging technology for the detection of gas leaks and fugitive emissions.


      • Industry Specific Design – EyeCGas® was designed specifically for the harsh environments of the Oil and Gas industry; the camera is extremely rugged, robust, and is sealed for severe outdoor industrial conditions.  EyeCGas® was certified to meet IEC standards for temperature, humidity, vibration, dust and water intrusion.
      • Safety – EyeCGas® is the only camera certified for use in Class I Div 2 hazardous environments.
      • Enhanced Imaging – Leveraging 30 years of thermal imaging expertise EyeCGas® uses proprietary enhanced image processing algorithms to enable the detection and localization of the smallest gas leaks.
      • Audio / Video Recording – EyeCGas® provides real time video recording with audio narration for improved debriefing and off-line analysis


      • Safety – Detect safety risks by providing a clear visual of methane and other volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.
      • Environment – Quickly and clearly detect invisible fugitive gas emissions that are harmful to the environment.
      • Operational Efficiency – Scanning for multiple elements simultaneously reduces the cost for leak detection and minimizes product loss for improved ROI.