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EyeCGas® FX
Gas Leak Detection Equipment That Enhances Safety

Building on the success of the handheld EyeCGas camera, EyeCGas FX is the next generation fixed camera for installation in factories. EyeCGas FX is specially designed for the natural gas, oil and petrochemical industries and is tailored to user requirements.  EyeCGas FX enables you to find methane and volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks from a safe distance and automatically alert plant personnel via a color display and warning message.

    • Reliable – Extremely low false alarm rate
    • Flexible – Tailored to customer requirements
    • Tried and tested – Certified for use in hazardous environments


High sensitivity to a spectrum invisible to the human eye makes EyeCGas FX a critical tool in fugitive gas leak detection.

24/7 Monitoring of Designated Areas

High reliability system for hazardous, explosive and toxic gas leaks makes EyeCGas FX a critical all year-round monitoring tool.

Automatic Leak Detection

EyeCGas FX includes a highly sensitive IR camera and an HD color camera for fast recognition of the areas being inspected. Video can be saved on locally (on the camera) or remotely (feed sent to control room).

Simple and Powerful

EyeCGas FX allows the inspection of vast areas for gas leaks and can be adjusted to specific user requirements.

Tailored to Industry Requirements

EyeCGas FX is an infrared camera specially designed for the petrochemical, gas and oil markets for gas detection and smart LDAR compliance.